Strategic Partnership

Cooperation and Public Relations are the spearhead of UIN Walisongo development. In the field of cooperation and public relations, the university has established cooperation, socialization and relationships with various parties with the principles of mutual benefit, mutual respect, propriety and feasibility consideration, transparency and accountability, and equality, in accordance with the university’s vision and mission and institution’s partner, and based on the laws and regulations in force.

The cooperation is carried out by UIN Walisongo with both domestic and overseas institutions. The cooperation made with domestic institutions includes partnerships with government and private institutions in various fields such as finance, education, law, religion, society, etc.

UIN Walisongo also has established cooperation with overseas institutions as an effort to bring the university to international level. The cooperation established is commonly associated with the development of human resources, institution, collaborative research, consultancy services, cultural and intellectual enrichment for staffs and students, organization of International Conferences, Training and Courses.