Post Graduate Programs

The intellectualization efforts done through academic quality improvement in the environment have been taken with a wide range of discretion, processes and activities. Improving the quality of higher education must necessarily be accompanied by the improvement of human resources quality which has been tested by the level of higher education either formally or substantially. In this intellectualization process, Post-Graduate Program of UIN Walisongo occupies a strategic position, because it is uniquely designed in order to humanize Islamic sciences.

Thus this program aims to produce graduates who are able to combine the empirical and doctrinal sciences, and at the same time are able to treat reason and revelation proportionally. In other words, revelation and reason are not two things that must be polarized. Moreover the alumni are expected to be in the forefront to the development of Islamic sciences for the benefit of ummah.

Post-Graduate Program of UIN Walisongo currently opens some study programs, namely:

Master Degree Programs (S2):

  • Islamic Astronomy (Falak).
  • Tafseer and Quranic Studies.
  • Islamic Educational Management.
  • Islamic Education.
  • Islamic Communication and Broadcasting
  • Islamic Economics, in the concentration of:
    • Islamic Finance and Banking
    • Sharia Business and Management
  • Islamic Sciences, in the concentration of:
    • Hadis Studies
    • Sufism Ethics
    • History of Islamic Civilization
    • Arabic Language Education
    • Islamic Counseling Guidance
    • Family Law
    • Halal Certification
    • State Law
    • Islamic Economic Law
    • Conflict Resolution

Doctorate Program (S3):

  • Islamic Studies.  
  • Islamic Astronomy (Falak).
  • Halal Management
  • Islamic Family Law
  • Islamic Education.
  • Islamic Economics
  • Usul Fiqh and Maqashid Sharia
  • Waqf Management