State Islamic University of Walisongo (UIN Walisongo) is among prominent Islamic universities in Indonesia which was established in 1966 (previously was known as IAIN Walisongo). The university is located in western part of Semarang City and well-known for its excellence in promoting moderate, tolerant and peaceful Islam. Currently there are more than 12.000 students from all over Indonesia and some countries in South East Asia region enrolled in the university

The University is also unique for most of its student coming from pesantren background (the oldest model of Islamic education system in Indonesia) which make the university having a strong Islamic tradition but at the same time it is growing to be a modern university.

As indicated in its vision that by the end of 2038 State Islamic University Walisongo is going to be an excellent research Islamic university based on unity of science for humanity and civilization. With green environemnt and modest architecture as well as warm and friendly people, the university becomes enjoyable and conducive place for learning, research and other academic endeavors.

The University has 43 programs, 3 research center and library with wide range of collections and accessible journal database which offer scholars and researchers in various disciplines to explore.