Note from Rector

From time to time, UIN Walisongo (Walisongo State Islamic University) continuously strives to improve the implementation quality of education, research and development of community services. In order to keep abreast of times and to meet society’s demands, a number of strategies and developments have been done through the modernization of technology, global cooperation expansion, improvement of human resources quality, facilities and infrastructures for the development of students knowledge, talents and interests.

We are aware that now we are living in a globalized world and as part of global community we must actively engage in shaping and defining the future direction of our world. In order to achieve that goal, we prepare our students, faculty members, university staffs to be active global citizens.  International Office plays an important role in achieving this goal by carrying out mandates: (1) bridging the University with international community through facilitating and initiating partnerships and networks with foreign universities. (2) Opening access for our students to scholarships opportunities to support them pursue their higher education at domestic or foreign universities. (3) Strengthening academic collaborations between UIN Walisongo with foreign university partners through various academic programs and activities such as collaborative research, visiting professors, and exchange programs. (4) Giving access to international students to enroll in various programs that are available at UIN Walisongo. (5) Creating International multicultural environment through various cultural events.
Considering its mandates, International Office of UIN Walisongo plays as a front line of the university. As a front line, the office is not only exist to support and provide assistance for our own students but as well as for international students and scholars who wish to visit and conduct academic programs at the University.

In this opportunity I would like to welcome international students and scholars to our green, modest and friendly University. In recent years students from around the world have joined UIN Walisongo, from Malaysia, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Somalia, Libya to Turkey. Since 2019 UIN Walisongo has granted scholarships for International students every year.

I also would like to welcome international partners for promising collaboration. We are always trying to make UIN Walisongo the best partner to be entrusted to prepare the next generation for the brilliant achievement who is creative, tolerant, and solid in practicing the noble values of Islamic teaching. That belief will lead the university as a locomotive of positive changes for humanity and civilization, in present and in future.

Prof. Dr. H. Imam Taufiq, M.Ag.